L’Immortel Jazz des Jeunes “35ieme Anniversarie”

L’Immortel Jazz des Jeunes “35ieme Anniversarie”

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L’Immortel Jazz des Jeunes
35ieme Anniversarie
Marc Records (Canada) 1978
303 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(TEOC, SPSE: 10cm crack on bottom, wear on edge and corner, light dirts.)

media : VG+VG+(A3/B1/B4 has some slick noises caused by small scratch.)

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the formation of Super Jazz des Jenes, a leading Haitian group formed in the early 40's around saxophonist/arranger Rene St. Aude, which gave birth to voodoo jazz, combining traditional folk music and rhythms with big band arrangements. This album was released in 1978 under the name of L'Immortel Jazz des Jeunes. As mentioned above, it combines primitive percussion and merengue rhythms with elements of voodoo music, a primitive religious ritual in Haiti, into a big band style with brass and organ, creating a pleasant voodoo jazz with a very calm and tropical atmosphere. A great album.

A1: Ce fete Noel
B1: Erzulie Oh!

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