Le Prophete Quincy Djengaka-Ye-Mei “L’incarnation”

Le Prophete Quincy Djengaka-Ye-Mei “L’incarnation”

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Le Prophete Quincy Djengaka-Ye-Mei
Ye-Mei Productions (Belgium) 198x
Y.M.001 (LP)
sleeve : NM(SOC)
media : NM/NM

This album is by Le Prophete Quincy Djengaka-Ye-Mei, a mysterious Congolese singer whose identity we don't know except that he made three albums in the 80s. Presumably a musician from the Congolese community in Brussels, Belgium. The album opens with a floating synthesizer and spoken word, and gradually builds up tension with a gentle shuffle beat and some nice cutting. Djengaka's vocals are also very pleasing.

A1: Sainte Amelo
A2: Genese

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