Le Son De L'os "Old Sun" LP

Le Son De L'os "Old Sun" LP

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Le Son De L'os
Old Sun
New Vague (US) 2012
NV-001 (LP) sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

"le son de l'os" is an improvisational unit by Yuko Hasegawa, who was active as "onna kodomo", Masahiro Deguchi, who organizes "modern improvisation", and Shizuo Uchida of "Shizuo Hasegawa". This is their 2nd album, released only in analog format on the Washington-based label New Vague. With an emphasis on acoustic sounds that give a sense of space, Yuko Hasegawa's ethereal vocals and Uchida's bass, which seems to place each note, carve the air, and connect it again, gently paint colors and blow the wind. Deguchi's guitar reflects a daydream and then erases it. Limited to 285 copies. Beautiful silk screen print jacket.

A1: Carpathia
B1: Past Imperfect

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