Les Choc Stars “Akufa Lobi Akomi Moto”

Les Choc Stars “Akufa Lobi Akomi Moto”

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Les Choc Stars

Akufa Lobi Akomi Moto
Espera (Belgium) 1986
sleeve : EX+(some very slightly dirts on back, still good.)
media : NM/NM

Album released in 1986 by Choc Stars, a Congolese band formed in 1983 by Ben Nyamabo and with over 50 albums to their credit. It features Nzola Ndonga and Djanana on vocals. The album is a simple soukous with no horn section, just a rhythm section and an electric guitar. The songs with fast rhythms in the middle of the album are good, but I recommend the songs with rumba rhythms like A1, which progresses slowly throughout the album.

A1: Ponini Eza Mpasi
A2: Abengi Ngai Depasse

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