Let There Be Light “Radiate” CD

Let There Be Light “Radiate” CD

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Let There Be Light
Astro Media (Japan) 2001
ASMD-113 (CD) Jewel case.
sleeve : NEW(IN SHRINK)
media : NEW

This CD was released in 2001 by Let There Be Light, who is the project by Ko Ishikawa, a member of the gagaku (Japanese ancient court music) group Reigakusha, who is also active as a sho soloist in various fields including improvisation, and singer/pianist Nami Hotatsu, whose crystal clear voice has been described by Hosono Haruomi as "the voice of a shaman" and who expresses her unique musical world. It is undiscovered masterpiece of deep spiritual ambient, with cosmic sounds constructed with synthesizers, and the endless deep resonance of the effusive sho drone that emits high overtones. It also includes a piece reminiscent of Henry Kawahara's work, with Hotatsu on voice. This is a deadstock copy.

AURORA ARGENTEA, the latest project of Nami Hodatsu and Ko Ishikawa, will perform at ORGANIC MUSIC LIVE II to be held at FORESTLIMIT in Hatagaya, Tokyo on Saturday, December 3, 2022!

TRK 1 : Over There
TRK 2 : Invisible Harmony
TRK 4 : The New Earth

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