Luc Henrion “Galerie”

Luc Henrion “Galerie”

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Luc Henrion
LMG (Belgium)1977
LMG002 (LP) Limited edition
sleeve : EX(slightly color-faded.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

Obscure album by Belgian ultra-minor contemporary musician Luc Henrion, released in 1977 on Private label in a limited edition of 500 copies. Although he seems to be an artist who basically specializes in modern classical contemporary music, this album features synthesizers, organs, and guitars in addition to acoustic piano, and the music has a very strange feel with a mixture of classical sounds and experimental elements. The most unusual of all is the B suite, which opens with a synthesizer soundtrack and a solemn organ sound, and the tension builds as a spacy synth arpeggio is introduced, followed by a psychedelic guitar solo, and the electronic music takes on a completely progressive rock aspect. I also recommend B2, a piano solo in a composition reminiscent of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

B1: Old Alschumie
B2: Dyptique

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