Madam Anonimo “il salone di Anonimo” CD

Madam Anonimo “il salone di Anonimo” CD

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Madam Anonimo
il salone di Anonimo
φonon (Japan) 2019
SPF-011 (CD) w/bonus CD
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

This is the fourteenth release on the "φonon" label, supervised by Kaoru Sato of EP-4. Jun Morita, a noise nobleman, has created a piece of modular/electronic automatic music for a group improvisation on the songs of Madame Anonimo, a soprano singer who is over 70 years old. What a tremendous world view...

What is this? The first and last CD album from the mysterious anonymous female singer "Madam Anonimo". Although the source of the music is unknown and cannot be explained, Morita Jun responded to her a cappella voice with a joyful one-woman group electro improvisational music.

It's been half a century since she was the diva of an underground theater company in the 1960s, and she has traversed the world and genres at will, and now that she is over 70, she shows us where she is going. ...... Welcome to Mrs. Anonimo's Room!

The first CD release by φonon in 2019, Madame Anonimo, who is over 70 years old. She has been singing in underground theater since the 1960s, but this is the first work by her voice in half a century. The album is an unusual collection of cover songs, with 14 tracks of famous songs from East and West.

The music was produced by Jun Morita, a well-known musician for φonon. It is based on a near self-recorded a cappella soundtrack by Anonimo himself, and is a one-man collective improvisation using modular/electronic automation to decorate Anonimo's room. From chanson, canzone, and opera to the American songbook, from psychedelic rock and contemporary music to "revolutionary" military songs, his unique interpretations and paraphrases shine in black. Who is Madame Anonimo?

"A song that sinks in is always someone else's song. (omitted) Who is this?"
...... Yoshihiko Ichida

"There must be some absolute significance to the sudden appearance of such music at this time."
...... Atsushi Sasaki

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