Maki Asakawa “Who’s Knocking on My Door”

Maki Asakawa “Who’s Knocking on My Door”

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Maki Asakawa
Who’s Knocking on My Door
Express (Japan) 1983
ETP-90234 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : VG+(wear on edge and corner.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good condition.)

In the late 1960s, Maki Asakawa was discovered by Shuji Terayama and Koji Teramoto, and began performing live at the Scorpio Theater in Shinjuku, gaining great acclaim. This album was released in 1983. The album features guest appearances by Kenji Omura, Ryoichi Kuniyoshi, and Hideki Matsutake, in addition to musicians who have played on Asakawa's live show, including Toshiyuki Honda, Shigeharu Mukai, Tsugitoshi Goto, Cecil Monroe, and Tristan Honsinger. Produced by Tsugitoshi Goto. Although many of the musicians are jazz musicians, the sound production is more rock-like than ever, and the solid sound quality is something that could only come from the early 80s. All songs are great, but A5 and B1 are the most memorable. This is a masterpiece.

A5: 時代に合わせて呼吸する積りはない
B1: 暮し

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