Makoto Moroi “Concertos by Makoto Moroi”

Makoto Moroi “Concertos by Makoto Moroi”

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Makoto Moroi
Concertos by Makoto Moroi
Victor (Japan) 1971
CD4K-7502 (LP) Quadraphonic. gatefold sleeve.
sleeve : VG+(SPSE: 1cm peel-off inside of gatefold, light dirts.)
media : EX-/EX-(some light surface noises.)

Released in 1971, this album contains works by composer Makoto Moroi, who founded the Twentieth Century Music Institute with Toshiro Mayuzumi and Namio Shibata in the late 1950s and devoted himself to the development of contemporary music, and was one of the earliest to implement new techniques such as the twelve-tone technique and music concrete. Side B, Piano Concerto No 1, was composed in 1966 and premiered by Jin Kobayashi on piano and the Formal Mori NHK Symphony Orchestra, and recorded here is a live recording of a concert at Suginami Public Hall in 1970, performed by the Yomiuri Symphony Orchestra. The major highlight is side A, 'Shakuhachi and String Ensemble, Concerto for Percussion, Chapter 3'. Performed by Takeyasu Sakai (shakuhachi), Roetsu Fujisha (kotsuzumi) and other instrumentalists, Yasunobu Yamaguchi (percussion) and the Tokyo Solisten, this is a masterpiece of contemporary Japanese music, a dazzling blend of Japanese and Western music that boldly sublimates elements of Japanese classical music.

A1: 尺八と弦楽合奏、打楽器のための協奏三章 : 一章
A2: 尺八と弦楽合奏、打楽器のための協奏三章 :二章

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