Marion Brown “In Sommerhausen”

Marion Brown “In Sommerhausen”

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Marion Brown
In Sommerhausen
Claig (Germany) 1969
CAL 30 605 (LP) Original pressing. coated sleeve. black label.
sleeve : VG+(WC, SPSE/TOC: small crack and tape on one corner, color, some dirts.)
media : EX-/EX-(some slightly noises, some slightly hairlines that does not affect to sounds, some light click noises.)

Album released in 1969 by American saxophonist Marion Brown, long at the forefront from the 1960s to 2000 and a masterpiece on early ECM, Jeanne Lee (vo,per), Gunter Hampel (vb,bc,per), Daniel Laloux (b,per), Steve McCall (ds,per) and Ambrose Jackson (tp,per), recorded live in Würzburg, Germany, in May of the same year. A1 features Brown's cool alto blasting groovy melodies against a primitive percussion beat played by all the members, while A3 is rocked by Hampel's mellow vibes and Lee's soft chants. A superb performance with ethnic sentiments. Highly recommended. Original German pressing.

A1: Dance No. 1
A3: The Soound of a song
B3: Dance No. 2

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