Matsuo Ohno “Astro Boy - Roots of Electronic Sound”

Matsuo Ohno “Astro Boy - Roots of Electronic Sound”

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Matsuo Ohno
Astro Boy - Roots of Electronic Sound
Victor (Japan) 1979
SJX-2183 (LP) Promotional copy. White label. w/portfolio
sleeve : -
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises, some very slightly hairlines that does not affect to sounds, SOC on label A.)

This album was released in 1975 and contains electronic sounds created by sound engineer/sound designer Matsuo Ohno as sound effects for "Astro Boy", the first Japanese animated television series produced by Osamu Tezuka and a historical work. The A-side contains a variety of cosmic electronic sound effects that use existing physical sounds and oscillators, such as the sounds of disks, onomatopoeia of action, and various accents that accompany Atom's movements. The B2 is a collection of various electronic sounds created using music concrete techniques and electronic modulation. It is truly a technology born out of experiments conducted by contemporary musicians in the NHK Electronic Music Studio in the 1950s and 1960s, and the application of that technology. But, the fact that the purpose of creation is completely different between art and commerce is also very interesting. This is a historical masterpiece. Takehisa Kosugi also participated in the production staff at that time as a sound editor. This is a rare white promo of a reissue released by JVC in 1979. It comes with an Atom's portfolio. The sleeve is not originally available, so a plain sleeve will be attached.

A3: アトムの音
B2A: Electronic Sound
B2D: Electronic Sound

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