Maya-Music “Stories”

Maya-Music “Stories”

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Private pressing (Germany) 1984
C 100 100 F (LP)
sleeve : M
media : EX/EX(some slightly noises. some very slightly wear that does not affect to sounds.)

Maya-Music, a unit of brothers Christian and Florian Konig-Vangerow from Munich, Germany, released their only self-produced album in 1984 as private pressing. The artist is considered to be a fairly minor artist, with no particular notable activities except for a few works on CDs and cassette tapes. As the group's name suggests, this electronic new age work depicts mysterious soundscapes that evoke other worlds while making full use of digital synthesizers and drum machines. In Japan, it is similar to the Oriental New Age sound of the Far East Family Band members, but the sound production motif may be Greek Vangelis

This is a dead stock unused item. There are one light curve on vinyl, but it does not affect to playback

A1: Marco Polo
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