Mestre Suassuna e Dirceu "Capoeira (Cordao de Ouro Vol. 2)" Casette

Mestre Suassuna e Dirceu "Capoeira (Cordao de Ouro Vol. 2)" Casette

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Mestre Suassuna e Dirceu
Capoeira (Cordao de Ouro Vol. 2)
Discos Continental (Brazil) 1978
1-04-703-259 (Casette Tape)
sleeve : SS(SPSE:The top of the plastic case is cracked by 4cm)
media : SS

This is the second album of music for the Brazilian martial art Capoeira by the percussion group Mestre Suassuna e Dirceu, who also released a wonderful album in 1975. This album features seven pieces of Capoeira music with warm percussion sounds, including a traditional folklore piece with a primitive chant intertwined with the tingling sound of the berimbau and rough percussion rhythms, and a B1 piece arranged by Caetano Veloso. This is a masterpiece of Capoeira music. B2, with its acoustic guitar and flute intertwined with the minimalist refrain of percussion, is highly recommended. The jumping kick on the cover is awesome! This is a very valuable unopened original cassette tape.

There is a 4cm crack at the top of the case.

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