Michael Nyman “And Do They Do / Zoo Caprices”

Michael Nyman “And Do They Do / Zoo Caprices”

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Michael Nyman
And Do They Do / Zoo Caprices
That’s Entertainment Records (UK) 1986
TER 1123 (LP)
sleeve : EX(SRW)
media : EX+/EX+

Michael Nyman is a British composer who is highly acclaimed for his soundtracks for Peter Greenaway's films, and the 1976 classic Decay Music on Brian Eno's Obscure label. This album, produced by David Canningham of the Flying Lizards, was released in 1986 and was composed for the London Contemporary Dance Theatre. The A-side, "And Do They Do," is performed by The Micheal Nyman Band, consisting of violin, viola, flute, clarinet, cello, and tenor saxophone. The B-side, "Zoo Caprices," is performed by Alexander Balanescu on violin. It sounds like modern classical chamber music, but Michael Nyman's own minimalism is strongly reflected in the whole piece, making it a contemporary music with a mysterious sound and charm.

A1: And Do They Do (Song I)
B4: Zoo Caprices (Car Clash)

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