Michael Nyman “Decay Music”

Michael Nyman “Decay Music”

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Michael Nyman
Decay Music
Obscure 6 (Japan) 1976
KA 8207 (LP) インサート(color-fade.)
sleeve : EX(light collapse on one corner, very slightly color-fade on a part of back.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good.)

British composer Michael Nyman was originally active as a music critic, and is known as a person who had a great influence on later contemporary music, such as his criticism of John Cage's music with the concept of "minimalism. As a musician, he has composed music for films directed by Peter Greenaway, as well as stage music. Haruomi Hosono and Yasuaki Shimizu has been impressed from the concept of his ambient music. This is his first album released in 1976 on Brian Eno's Obscure label, containing one 27-minute and one 21-minute long track, respectively. The A-side is a piano solo by Nyman, a pre-ambient minimal music with simple riffs repeated in a pause and gradually changing. The B-side is a percussion duo of Nigel Shipway and Nymabn, with metallic percussion instruments with a gamelan-like sound, and a very pleasant minimalistic sound.

A: 1-100
B: Bell Set No.1

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