Milo Pavlovic Berlin Big Band "With a Song in My Heart"

Milo Pavlovic Berlin Big Band "With a Song in My Heart"

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Milo Pavlovic Berlin Big Band
With a Song in My Heart
Mil-Berg Music (Germany) 1984
B-1582 (LP) poster
sleeve : VG+(WC,Some slight fading)
media : EX-/EX-(Slight dust noise/light dust noise in some areas,Slight distortion)

The Berlin Big Band, led by former Yugoslavian/Serbian jazz trumpeter Milo Pavlovic, released this album in 1984. The album includes A1, an emotional cover of "With a Song in My Heart" from the Broadway musical Spring is Here, scored by Richard Rodgers, and B3, a danceable cover of "Stranger in Paradise" from the musical Kismet, also scored by George Forrest. The big band's performance is also excellent, with a mature sound that complements the warm, extended trumpet tone reminiscent of Maynard Ferguson and Chuck Mangione. Elephants and synthesizers are also casually introduced in a nice way. The slow and adult standard cover is also great, and if Yasuaki Shimizu's "Autumn in Beijing" appeals to you, you should definitely listen to this one too. The jacket has some large writing and bleeding on the surface, but is otherwise in relatively clean condition. There is a slight distortion on the outer edge, but it can be played without any problem.

A1:With a Song in My Heart
A3:Stranger in Paradise
B3:The Christmans Song

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