Minoru Miki : Ensemble Nipponia “Convexity / Paraphrase”

Minoru Miki : Ensemble Nipponia “Convexity / Paraphrase”

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三木稔 : 日本音楽集団
凸ー三群の三曲と日本太鼓のための協奏曲 / 古代舞曲によるパラフレーズ
Denon (Japan) 1980
OW-7851-ND (LP)
sleeve : EX(slightly color-fade.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly noises, still good.)

This is an album of compositions by the contemporary musician Minoru Miki, originally released in 1980 on the Denon label under the series “Contemporary Japanese Music 1500”. Formed in 1964 under Miki's supervision, the Emsemble Nipponia has continued to explore new possibilities for traditional Japanese music, both in Japan and abroad, in order to sublimate the classics into the modern age. The B-side "Paraphrase on Ancient Dances" was composed and recorded for NHK in 1966, and is also an ensemble of shakuhachi, koto and kagura instruments. This is a wonderful album of cutting-edge performances that sublimates the rhythms and melodies of traditional music, while at the same time presenting them in a completely modern musical form.

A: 凸ー三群の三曲と日本太鼓のための協奏曲
B: 古代舞曲によるパラフレーズ

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