Mishra, Maharaj, Paust "Raga, Piloo & Kazari"

Mishra, Maharaj, Paust "Raga, Piloo & Kazari"

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Shivanath Mishra, Prakash Maharaj, Gunther Paust
Vamos Que Eu Ja Vou
amf records (Germany) 1981
amf F 101/F 667.642 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(RW,WC,SPSE:5 cm tear on top, slightly faded)
media : EX/EX-(a slight dust noise in some parts,B:Some light dust noise)

German tambura player Gunther Paust and Indian tabla player Prakash Maharaj, who also participated in the famous album "Music Ensemble of Benares", were joined by Indian sitar player Shivanath Mishran to perform together on this 1980 album. The album was released in 1980. This album features a 24-minute raga (A1) with a taut sitar melody that invites meditation over a gentle tamboura drone, and a tabla solo (B1) that changes the atmosphere of the sound field with edgy tabla tones and shouts unique to Indian music. Traditional Indian classical music. You can listen to it comfortably. (Chee)

A1: Raga Basaut Mukhari
B1: Tabla-Solo Teental

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