mixed by Basso "Autumn Air"

mixed by Basso "Autumn Air"

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mixed by Basso
MUSICWISE vol.1 - Autumn Air
Bedroom Archives (Japan) 2010
BAMW1001 (CD)
sleeve: New
media: New

Chee's (Discossession/Organic Music) independent label, Bedroom Archives, has launched a new concept mix-CD series. The title of the series is "MUSICWISE". Music divers, both domestic and international, who have stepped into the bottomless swamp of music and dedicated their souls to it, will try to express themselves within the limited time and space of 74 minutes.

Living in Hamburg, Germany, Basso is one of the leading vinyl diggers in the EU, collaborating with ESP Institute, the label run by Lovefingers, and has traveled all over Europe to dig up obscure records of extreme variety and overwhelming quality. For the first installment of the new Bedroom Archives series, Basso has selected experimental and contemporary sources from the vinyl mountain of gems he has collected with his refined musical sense, and presents a deep atmospheric mix. The result is a deep and atmospheric mix of experimental and contemporary sources from his collection of vinyl mountains.

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