Mosaique Yves et Gilles "Fille Comme la Mer"

Mosaique Yves et Gilles "Fille Comme la Mer"

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Mosaique Yves et Gilles
Fille Comme la Mer
West Sound (France)1979
1178WS4 (LP)
sleeve : VG+(WC,Coating peeling, fading)
media : EX-/EX-(a slight dust noise in some parts, and a few light buzzes)

This is the only album by the French minor folk duo Yeves et Gilles, consisting of brothers Gilles and Eves Leveque, released in 1979 under the name Mosaique Yves et Gilles. The album contains mainly battery-heavy songs with a so-called French chanson feel, but also includes songs that incorporate bossa nova, which came to France via Pierre Barouh. The first track is a psychedelic folk groove with organic melodies of violin and flute, with the drums tapping out a fine rhythm while keeping the intonation low, and the bass tapping out a bouncy line with a thick tone. Poetry in the middle part is also acidic. (Chee)

B1: Ma Muse
B3: L'ami Pierrot

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