Musique Mnong Gar du Vietnam "Collection Musee De L'homme"

Musique Mnong Gar du Vietnam "Collection Musee De L'homme"

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Musique Mnong Gar du Vietnam
Collection Musee De L'homme
Ocora (France) 1983
OCR 80 (LP) gatefold sleeve w/booklet.
sleeve : EX-(SOC, some dirts inside of gatefold sleeve, SOC on label of side B.)
media : EX-/EX-(A1/A5/B1/B9 has some very slightly click noises caused by small and slightly curves.)

This is a field recording album of local music by the M'Nong ethnic minority in south-central Vietnam from the prestigious French world music label Ocora. The album features a variety of ritual music, from experimental contemporary music, in which steel drums are rubbed and struck on flat gongs shaped like tambourines to generate percussion sounds and drones, to primitive chant solos with unique verses. The Asian chant that was quoted in its entirety by the German experimental jazz unit Stroer Duo was included here. What a miraculous groove.

There are small curve on A1/A5 and B1/B9 on the same position as side A on side B. There is a very small amount of low-pitched click noise, but it is almost inaudible.

A1: Flat gong set, cing
B2: Songs, noo toong toong

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