Nadja “It’s Your Move”

Nadja “It’s Your Move”

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It’s Your Move
Geronimo (Japan) 1988
RI-2010 (7”) Promotional copy
sleeve : EX-(TEOC)
media : EX-/EX-(a slight chirping noise due to thin scratches)

This is a not-for-sale 7-inch single produced to promote Nadja First, the first album released in 1988 by Nadja, a mysterious and bubbly Japanese female singer who symbolized the bubble era with two albums in the late 1980s and several commercial tie-ups. Side A contains the English version and side B the Japanese version. It's a rockin' disco song with a late '80s vibe, but the sound is so edgy and the sound production is so carefully calculated that it's hard to believe it's a Japanese 7". Francois Kevorkian did the adjunct production with Alan Friedman, and the recording was done at Axis Studio and Atlantic Studio in New York, which Francois owns. In addition, the remix engineer was Goh Hotoda, who was one of the most talented people in the early days of New York house, and the mystery of who was behind this project only deepens.

A: It’s Your Move (English Version)
B: It’s Your Move (Japanese Version)

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