Naomi Chiaki “Amagumo”

Naomi Chiaki “Amagumo”

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Colombia (Japan) 1978
PX-7047 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : EX(some light wear on edge and corner.)
media : EX/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good. side A has one very slightly hairlines that does not affect to sounds.)

Naomi Chiaki took the world by storm in the early 1970s with her dramatic songs such as "Kassai", "Gekijou" and "Yakan-Hikoh". Chiaki was one of Japan's most famous female singers, who absorbed many different styles of music and sang many great songs, but stopped her career in 1992. This is the miracle album that she released in 1978.
Away from the pressures of the record company and focusing only on her own desired expression, she asked singers Eigo Kawashima and Kazuki Tomokawa to write songs for her. They each wrote five songs for Chiaki. Arranged by Mickey Yoshino and Hitoshi Kishimoto, it features all the members of Godiego except for Yukihide Takekawa. Kawashima's and Tomokawa's world-views are reflected in their superb arrangements, which are elevated to another level by Godiego's groovy performances. The sound production complementing Chiaki's expressive vocals was unique in the Japanese song world at the time. Many fans who imagine Chiaki as a singer of songs would not have been able to accept it, but I just have to take my hat off to Chiaki for her stance as an artist to create such a work of her own will.
The artwork, inspired by Bill Evans' "Waltz forR Debby", is also excellent.

A1: あまぐも
A4: 想影
B2: 視角い故里
B5: 夜へ急ぐ人

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