Ney Matogrosso “Seus Sucessos Vol. 2”

Ney Matogrosso “Seus Sucessos Vol. 2”

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Ney Matogrosso
Seus Sucessos Vol. 2
Musicolor (Brazil) 1978
LP 1-04-405-265 (LP)
sleeve : EX(wear on edge.)
media : EX/EX-(some slightly surface noises. some very small and slightly scratches that does not affect to sounds.)

This is the second artist compilation album of Ney Matogrosso, the vocalist of the Brazilian psychedelic rock band Secos & Molhados, released in 1978. The album features songs from his first album, which is one of the milestones of Brazilian psychedelic rock, such as A2, an ethnic mellow acid folk song featuring sitar and tabla, and A4, an organic psychedelic rock song that starts with nature sounds such as birdsong and thunder. The list goes on. It's also nice to see B1, a cosmic cover of a Portuguese fado masterpiece that Naomi Chiaki also covered on her famous album "Taimu". It's one of those hard to find pieces you don't find very often. His songs always overcome the language barrier and penetrate our heart.

A2: Corsario
B1: Mae Preta

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