No Artist “Africa - Ancient Ceremonies Dance Music & Songs of Ghana”

No Artist “Africa - Ancient Ceremonies Dance Music & Songs of Ghana”

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No Artist
Africa - Ancient Ceremonies Dance Music & Songs of Ghana
Nonesuch Explorer Series (US) 1979
H-72082 (LP) textured sleeve. w/company inner sleeve (TEOC).
sleeve : EX+(slightly wear on edge, still good.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good.)

This is an album of field recordings of ritual and dance music from Ghana, West Africa, released in 1979 from the Explorer Series of Nonesuch, a prestigious American label that releases a wide range of music from local recordings of ethnic music to contemporary and experimental music. Its muddy sounding percussion and chants of men and women humming melodies that are completely indecipherable in the Western musical scale. This is a wonderful work where you can listen to various rituals and dance music of the indigenous people of Ghana, as well as variations of folk music closely related to their daily lives. 

A1 Dogumbo Song
B4: Marilli

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