No Artist “Masques dan : Cote D’Ivoire”

No Artist “Masques dan : Cote D’Ivoire”

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No Artist
Masques dan : Cote D’Ivoire
Ocora (France) 1983
OCR 52 (LP) coated gatefold sleeve.
sleeve : EX-(SPSE: 2cm light crack on top edge.)
media : EX+/VG+(some slightly surface noises. B5 has one pressing error.)

Ocora, Europe's premier label for field recordings of ethnic and local music from around the world, released this album of music by the indigenous people of Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa between 1965 and 1967. The various sounds, rhythms, and chants produced by simple instruments and the human body, such as drums, clanging instruments, long wooden sticks on the ground, hand clapping, and foot stomping, evoke very primitive scenes. Here is the origin of minimalism that has fascinated contemporary musicians. This is an old recording, but it sounds very vivid.

There is a pressing error with white discoloration in the middle of B5, and intermittent low-pitched click noises, but there is no needle skipping, so it can be listened to without much concern. Other than that, it's in relatively clean condition.

A6: Guian
B1: Gueglou “Masque Ensemble”
B5: Kong “Masue de Femmes”

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