No Artists “Documentary Africa”

No Artists “Documentary Africa”

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The Sea, The Carnival and The Music : Documentary Africa

Trio Records (Japan) 198x
PK-25008 (LP) Promotional copy. White label. w/obi, booklet(small spots), label catalog.
sleeve : EX(SRW)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good condition.)

Reiko Shima, an ethnomusicologist who is also active as a travel writer and documentary filmmaker, traveled to Senegal in West Africa and Kenya in East Africa and recorded traditional music there. In the Senegalese griot, poem and performance, you can hear the ensemble and chorus, as well as the balafon, kora, tam-tam practice, and kora solo performance. In Kenya, you can listen to traditional music closely related to tribal life, such as the rituals and challenges of life of the Giriama tribe of farmers, the warriors of the Samburu tribe of nomads, and the circumcision of the Ruya tribe of farmers. The accompanying 8-page booklet provides detailed explanations of African culture and music, including the spread of African music and Negro rhythms.

A3: Symbo
B4: Girima-Kiringongo

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