No Artists “The Belgian Congo Records”

No Artists “The Belgian Congo Records”

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No Artists
The Belgian Congo Records
London Records/King Records (Japan) 1977
GXH 1043 (LP) w/insert(WC).
sleeve : EX-(some slightly dirts, very slightly color-faded.)
media : EX-/EX-(some light surface noises.)

This album was released in 1977 as the first album of "The Roots of African Music" series supervised by the late Touyou Nakamura, a leading critic of ethnic/world music in Japan. It is a reissue of the SP disc released by Reeves Sound Studios in the U.S. in 1937, with artwork from the 1950 Commodore release in the U.S. An expedition led by Armand Denis and Leila Roosvelt visited the Ituri forest in the heart of the African continent and the surrounding area between 1935 and the following year, and made recordings. These rare recordings faithfully convey the primitive music of the indigenous peoples inhabiting the Belgian Congo, Uganda, and Burundi at that time, before the encroachment of modern civilization.

A4: Xylophone at Lubero
A6: Batwa Pigmy Dances

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