No Artists “Tibet II”

No Artists “Tibet II”

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No Artists
Tibet II
Baren Reiter Musicaphon (Germany) 197x

BM 30 L 2010 (LP) gatefold sleeve w/booklet.
sleeve : EX-(SOC, slightly damaged on side, some light dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This is the second album in a series of field recordings by Baren Reiter Musicaphon, a sub-label of the long-established German label Catante, founded in the 1950s, which presents the musical traditions of Asian countries designated as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, <a Musical Anthology of the Orient>. This album features sutra recitations and Dharma rituals performed by monks from two Tibetan Buddhist sects, Sakyapa and Gelugpa. The meditative music echoes with the playing of various Dharma tools, such as drums and bells, which are played along with the chanting, and is a wonderful way to experience the world of Tibetan Buddhism, which has greatly influenced Don Cherry and many other musicians.

A4: An offering ‘to the God of) Sakya (through) chantnting and instrumental music
B4: Prayer for the Dalai Lama

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