NORD "Electric Meditation-Live materials 2015-2017" Tape

NORD "Electric Meditation-Live materials 2015-2017" Tape

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Electric Meditation-Live materials 2015-2017
haang niap records (Japan) 2018
HNCS-007 (Cassette)
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW

NORD has been pursuing their own unique sound world in the underground since the 80's. With original member Satoshi Katayama at the core, they are now working with Hiroshi Hasegawa (ASTRO) and Shizuo Uchida. This album is a live recording of Katayama's pursuit of "pleasure through sound, liberation of the spirit, meditation, and endless inner psychedelia" since the beginning of the band. The acid spinning out of Katayama's brain is amplified by the sound equipment, and eats away at your ears, inviting you into a state of ecstasy, giving you a blissful reliving experience. Electric Meditation" is the ultimate mantra of NORD in 2018.

*Please note that the case of the cassette may have some light scuffs/scratches.

A1: 20150423@Showboat

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