Norio Sato “Plays Takahashi & Kondo”

Norio Sato “Plays Takahashi & Kondo”

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Norio Sato
Plays Takahashi & Kondo
ALM Records (Japan) 1977
AL-12 (LP) embossed sleeve. w/obi, insert.
sleeve : EX+(two very small and slightly spots, still good condition.)

media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

First album by Norio Sato, released in 1977, who has been active as a guitarist and conductor since winning the first prize at the Tokyo International Guitar Competition in 1971, and since 1997 has appeared at major contemporary music festivals around the world as musical director of Ensemble Nomad. The album features music by two composers who are also associated with ALM Records, the label that released the album: Yuji Takahashi and Yuzuru Kondo. Side A, featuring music by Takahashi, was recorded at Iruma Shimin Kaikan, and A2 features narration by John Haylock. Side B, featuring a piece by Kondo, was recorded at Shinkawa Kumin Kaikan and features Aki Takahashi (el-p), Isako Shinozaki (vn), Yasunobu Yamaguchi (per), Yoko Higuchi (el-p) and others.

A2: Yuji Takashi “John Dowland Returns”
B2: Jo Kondo “Sight Rhythmics”

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