Oma Irama & Elvy Sukaeshi “Tidak Sendiri”

Oma Irama & Elvy Sukaeshi “Tidak Sendiri”

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Oma Irama & Elvy Sukaeshi
Tidak Sendiri
Life (Malaysia) 1985
HM 1631 (LP) Insert with integrated band
sleeve : NM
media : EX/EX(a very light cloudiness that does not affect the playback sound)

This is a collaborative album by Oma Irama, the founder of Danduut, a popular dance music that developed rapidly in Indonesia in the 1970s, and Elvy Sukaeshi, one of the leading singers of Danduut. This album contains all the duets that Oma Irama and Elvy Sukaeshi sang during the early years of Dangdut, from 1973 to 1974, and has a more song-like flavor than the Dangdut of the 1980s. The music has a garage psychedelic feel, somewhat like Indian music, Arab music, or even Japanese GS.

A3: Pantun Cinta
A6: Terharu
B5: Tega

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