Orch. D.O.7 Shirati Jazz “Mika Owiti Gor / Jacob Odihiambo”

Orch. D.O.7 Shirati Jazz “Mika Owiti Gor / Jacob Odihiambo”

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Orch. D.O.7 Shirati Jazz
Akongo Joice
Makossa (US) 1980
MEA-707 (12")
sleeve : EX-(SRW,Some side/corner wear)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise,B:one very light abrasion that does not affect the playback sound)

A 12" single released in 1980 by Orch. D.O.7 Shirati Jazz, one of the most successful bands in Kenya, Africa, formed around Daniel Owino Misiani. It was released on the New York-based African music label Makossa. It's a Nairobi beat/soukous, inherited from Congo, a West African folk music, but the cheap machine beat on the rhythm box gives it a unique atmosphere. The bass line is also unusually thick and danceable in these two songs. African dance music is still very deep.

A: Akongo Joice
B: Rose Jaber

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