Orchestre Canetons Alezement “Special Wela-Wela”

Orchestre Canetons Alezement “Special Wela-Wela”

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Orchestre Canetons Alezement
Special Wela-Wela
Musiclub (France) 1983
MUEL.005 (LP) coated sleeve.
sleeve : NM
media : NM/NM

The album was released in 1983 by Canetons Alezement, a group led by Canetons Alezement, an artist from Gabon, Central Africa, who has released only two albums and one single. The orchestre formed by Papa Wemba and featuring Mavuela Somo, who also worked with Bozi Boziana in Yoka Lolole, and Sita Mbele, a member of Massako. The rhythm section and vocal/chorus work is unique, based on the rumba congolese/soukous style, and the funky prelude to the soukous in B1 is influenced by Nigerian Afro-beat. The drums and electric bass sound fat and good. Beautiful copy.

A2: Bibi Pambu
B1: Beleke

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