Osuwa Daiko Hozon-Kai “Osuwa Daiko”

Osuwa Daiko Hozon-Kai “Osuwa Daiko”

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King Records (Japan) 1973
KR(H)5181 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : VG+(SOC,slightly wear on corner, some light dirts, color-faded.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly surface noises, still good condition.)

Suwa City in Nagano Prefecture is home to Suwa Taisha Shrine, where villages are said to have flourished since the Jomon period, and is known for its indigenous beliefs and the Onbashira Festival. This is an album released in 1973, featuring performances by the Osuwa-daiko drum that is said to have originated in Kagura (Shinto music) and festival music. The performance is by the Osuwa-daiko Preservation Society, led by Daihachi Oguchi, a descendant of the Oguchi family, who served as the chief drummer under Katsusuke Atobe, the chief drummer for the warlord Shingen Takeda. This is a wonderful performance of the most primitive and dynamic percussion grooves of all Japanese festival music. In B3, for example, there is even a missing link with the traditional music of the Burundi tribes in Africa. Highly recommended as an avant-garde piece.

B2: 諏訪御柱木遣り太鼓
B3: 天鳴竜尾大神楽

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