Ozan Garip Sahin - Setrak Bakirel "Le Mur (O.S.T.)"

Ozan Garip Sahin - Setrak Bakirel "Le Mur (O.S.T.)"

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Ozan Garip Sahin - Setrak Bakirel
Le Mur (Original Soundtrack)
Saravah (France) 1983
SHL 1100 (LP)
sleeve : EX
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

Multi-instrumentalist Setrak Bakirel, a core member of the French progressive band Asia Minor, co-wrote the music with Turkish composer Ozan Garip Sahin for the original soundtrack album for Turkish director Yilmaz Guney's film Le This is the original soundtrack album of "Le Mur" directed by Turkish director Yilmaz Guney. Released on Saravah, the label founded by Pierre Barouh, one of France's leading composers, the album features chants and sazoos by Ozan Garip Sahin, guitar and mandolin by Setrak Bakirel, keys by Robert Kempler (of Asia Minor), and vocals by Astrid Kempler. Kempler on keys and Ali Dede on ney. In addition, Robert Kempler, a member of Asia Minor, plays the keys, and Ali Dede plays the ney. The oriental scales of Sazoo and the spiritual chants of Ozan Garip Sahin combine to create songs in the traditional Turkish style. In addition to the traditional Turkish music style of Popol Vuh with synthesizers by Robert Kempler, this album is also notable for the kraut rock of Popol Vuh, which absorbs the essence of various ethnic music, and the fantastic songs with deep ambience reminiscent of Stephan Micus, an ethnic instrumentalist who has released works on ECM/JAPO.

A1: Yalnizlik
B6: Cagrisim

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