Pony Tail “Greeting Cards”

Pony Tail “Greeting Cards”

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Express (Japan) 1976
ETP-72211 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : VG+(SRW, a lot of stains.)
media : EX/EX(some light noises.)

This is the only full-length album released in 1976 by the female chorus duo Ponytail, consisting of Yasuko Kojima and Yuko Sakuraba. Originally a four-piece, the other two members left the group after the debut single (one of them was Raj) and the group became a two-piece. Moonriders (when Kazuo Shiina was a member) provided backing support, and all the songs were arranged by Keiichi Suzuki and Moonriders. The songs are reminiscent of oldies and soft rock blended with the American pop and Motown sound styles practiced in Japan by Haruomi Hosono and Tin Pan Alley. However, Keiichi Suzuki's tasteful arrangements and the Moonriders' solid performance make this a very high quality pop song. The most notable song is 'Love Song', covered by Sergio Mendes & Brazil '70s singer Lani Hall on their classic album "Sun Down Lady". The Japanese translation of Lesley Dancan's classic. It is a wonderful song with the silky voices of two women who still have their innocence and freshness. It's a great song.

B2: 僕の贈りもの
B3: ラヴ・ソング
B4: 南の島

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