Prince Lasha Quintet feat. Sonny Simmons “The Cry!”

Prince Lasha Quintet feat. Sonny Simmons “The Cry!”

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Prince Lasha Quintet feat. Sonny Simmons
The Cry!
Contemporary Records (US) 1963
S7610 (LP) RCA Hollywood pressing, Black label.
MAT: LKS 255 D3 H / LKS 256 D3 H
sleeve : VG+(light dirts.)
media : EX/EX(some slightly surface noises.)

This album was released in 1963 by Prince Lasha, who moved from his native Texas to California in the 1950s and was a leading figure in the early free jazz movement with Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Clifford Jordan, and others, as well as Eric Dolphy and Elvin Jones in the 1960s, In the 1960s, he played with Eric Dolphy and Elvin Jones, and in the 1970s he was a member of Gene Ammons' group. This quintet features Gary Peacock (b), Mark Proctor (b), Gene Stone (ds), and Sonny Simmons (ft). The masterpiece recording is featuring an oriental and African melodic theme on A1/A2, a groovy rhythm section, Lasha's alto and Simmons' flute, which weaves melodies lightly with a lustrous tone, and a great recording. It is also interesting to note that Peacock's and Proctor's basses are split between the left and right channels. Highly recommended.

A1: Congo Call
A2: Bojangles
B1: Red’s Mood

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