Purna Chandra Das Baul “The Bengal Minstrel - Music of the Bauls”

Purna Chandra Das Baul “The Bengal Minstrel - Music of the Bauls”

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Purna Chandra Das Baul
The Bengal Minstrel - Music of the Bauls
Nonesuch (US) 1975
H-72068 (LP) company dinner sleeve
sleeve : VG+(Light Stains)
media : NM-/NM-(Some parts may have a slight dust noise)

This is an album of music by Baul, a traditional Bengali singer, released in 1977 from the "Explorer Series", the ethnic music section of Nonesuch, a prestigious American label that releases a series of various genres from classical to contemporary and folk music. The songs are sung by Purna Chandra Das Baul, a master singer who has rightfully inherited the Baul tradition, playing a rare form of stringed instrument called komok, which is a drum-like resonant body with two tegus strung on it. After becoming enlightened, Baul visits people's homes, sings and plays at their doorsteps, and receives offerings as a reward. In Japan, this is similar to the begging for alms by a monk who plays the shakuhachi.

A2: Golemale
B2: Jano na mon

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