Riccardo Sinigaglia "Works 1976-1981 : Scorrevole"

Riccardo Sinigaglia "Works 1976-1981 : Scorrevole"

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Riccardo Sinigaglia
Works 1976-1981 : Scorrevole
17853 Records/Artisti del 900 (Japan) 2015
RFLP001/AD9002 (LP) Obi/insert
sleeve : NEW
media : NEW
Special bonus: label sticker

This is the first release from Organic Music's new record label, 17853 Records. Futuro Antico has participated in various genre-defying projects such as Doubling Riders and Correnti Magnitiche. Riccardo Sinigaglia is a musician of the deepest depths of Italian experimentalism who has left behind a wealth of original works as a solo artist, such as "Riflessi" released in 1986 on ADN, an avant label in Milan, Italy. Riccardo Sinigaglia, a musician of the deepest depths of Italian experimentalism who has left behind a rich body of work, has collaborated with Artisti del 900, a new line of the ADN label, to bring you the first analog version of his earliest recordings, including unreleased tracks. In collaboration with Artisti del 900, a new line of ADN label, the first analogue version of the album has been released in Japan.

The title of the album is "Scolle Vole (Glissando)", and it is a grand suite of music that took five years to create, from 1976 to 1981. side B was produced between 1979 and 1981 and released on cassette tape in 1987 on an indie label in California, USA. Both of these works are electronic concoctions full of ambient/meditation sensations that combine various field-recorded sources and electronic sounds from analog synthesizers with a design based on an original musical theory influenced by ethno-shamanism. The way it blends with the ambient sounds around you is amazing, especially in the ending where it blends into the ambient sounds so completely that you don't even realize when it ended. This is exactly what ambient music is all about. Please experience it for yourself. Since the dynamic range is very wide, it is recommended that you listen to the music at a certain loud volume by adjusting the volume to the parts with small levels, but if you cannot listen at a loud volume, please try it with headphones. If you can't listen to it at high volume, please try it with headphones, and you'll see an amazing world. I apologize for the length of this article. (Chee)

A: Scorrelove 1
B: Scorrevole 3

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