Richard Teitelbaum "Blends & The Digital Pianos"

Richard Teitelbaum "Blends & The Digital Pianos"

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Richard Teitelbaum
Blends & The Digital Pianos
Lumina Records Ltd (US) 1984
L005 (LP) w/insert.
sleeve : EX-(peeling-off of coat.)
media : EX+/EX+(some slightly noises.)

This is an album released in 1984 by Richard Teitelbaum, a member of the fantasy experimental electronic music group Musica Elettronica Viva what is the participation of Alvin Curran and Allan Bryant. Dedicated to the shakuhachi player Katsuya Yokoyama, who became Teitelbaum's disciple when he visited Japan in 1977 to learn the shakuhachi, the album features Yokoyama's participation in the performance. It also includes collaboration with Trilok Gurtu, an Indian percussionist who played a significant role in ethnic jazz masterpieces and later contributed to Aragon after Collin Walcott's passing. What's truly mind-blowing is the extended performance on side A, approaching 20 minutes. It begins with Yokoyama Katsuya's mysterious shakuhachi solo, introduces freaky electronic sounds with synthesizers in the middle section, and transitions to the latter half where Trilok Gurtu's tabla and percussion lead the listener into a primitive world. It's an extraordinary ethno-experimental trip. Side B features a three-part solo piano suite with the acoustic piano enhanced by a computer and programmed for automatic performance. Amazing.

A1: Blends (the first part.)
A1: Blends (the last part.)
B1: Digital Piano Music

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