Ruper Ordorika "Bihotzerreak"

Ruper Ordorika "Bihotzerreak"

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Ruper Ordorika
Elkar (Spain) 1985
ELK-107 (LP) insert
sleeve : EX-(SRW,WC,TEOC,SOC)
media : EX-/EX-(Some light dust noise due to thin scratches)

This is the third album by Ruper Ordorika, a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Guipuzcoa, Basque Country, Spain, released in 1985. It's a mainstream pop rock album with unrefined vocals and a simple band sound. However, there may be a slight hint of it in A5, which is nostalgic with its sad acoustic guitar melody, and B4, which is tropical and features an atmospheric synthesizer sound.

A5 : Egunak Argi, Gauk Ilun
B4 : Ez Zait Atsegina

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