Ryuichi Sakamoto "B-2 Unit"

Ryuichi Sakamoto "B-2 Unit"

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Ryuichi Sakamoto
B-2 Unit
Alfa Records (Japan) 1980
ALR-28003 (LP) Promotional copy. w/insert(light stains.)
sleeve : VG+(TEOC, small and slightly stains.)
media : NM-/NM-(some slightly surface noises, still fine condition.)

Ryuichi Sakamoto's solo album released in 1980. It is said that Ryuichi Sakamoto, who was mentally exhausted by his activities with YMO, which became a social phenomenon, was inspired by European avant new wave such as Throbbing Gristle and faced his own creation. The title of the album includes words that evoke political and anti-war images, such as B2, which is about Nigeria, which was under civil war at the time. He expresses his own roots in contemporary music with solid electronics. It's very interesting to see how he expresses himself differently from Haruomi Hosono, whose roots are in pop music. All the songs are great. This is a high quality recording along with "Esperanto".

A3: Paticipation Mystique
B3: Not the 6 O'clock News

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