Ryuichi Sakamoto “Esperanto”

Ryuichi Sakamoto “Esperanto”

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School (Japan) 1985

MIL-1007 (LP) w/insert(some light dirts.)

sleeve : EX+(slightly wear on corner.)
media : EX/EX-(some slightly surface noises. side B has one slightly hairline that does not affect to sounds.)

Featured in the guidebook "OBSCURE SOUND REVISED EDITION". Released in 1985, this album contains music created by Ryuichi Sakamoto for a dance performance by the American avant-garde dancer Molissa Fenley, featuring artists such as Yas Kaz (perc) and Arto Lindsey (e-g). I don't know what people think of this album, but it's one of my all-time favourites and one of Ryuichi Sakamoto's best works. The music is full of modern ideas and minimalism practiced the music of chance like John Cage. Some tracks are breaking down phrases and reconstructing them randomly. It's a masterpiece of a masterpiece. This is a masterpiece of a masterpiece. The mastering by Toru Kotetsu is excellent and the sound quality is very good.

A1: a Wongga Dance Song
A3: a Rain Song
B2: a Carved Stone

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