Saburo Moroi / Masao Ohki "Symphony No.2 / Night Meditation"

Saburo Moroi / Masao Ohki "Symphony No.2 / Night Meditation"

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諸井三郎 / 大木正夫
交響曲第2番 / 夜の思想
Victor (Japan) 1979
KVX-5505 (LP) Obi(Some fading)
sleeve : EX(slight fading)
media : EX+/EX+(Some parts may have a slight dust noise)

This is an album of works by Saburo Moroi and Masao Ohki, released in 1979 as the third volume of Victor's "1500 Series of Contemporary Japanese Music Masterpieces". Saburo Moroi's "Symphony No. 2" is an orchestral work in three movements, and according to the commentary, "Although it is pervaded by a rigid German style of construction, it does not follow the formal principles of European music at all. In addition, the language and harmonies are European, but there is a lot of Eastern spiritual content. I wonder why classical and contemporary music commentaries are like this. The orchestration of the second movement is beautiful, and the composition of "Night Thoughts" in B1 is also based on the classical Western style, but I feel more Japanese emotion in this one.

A2: 交響曲第2番 第2楽章
B2: 夜の思想

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