Safwat Mohammad Ali, Ahmed Nima Kamel “Iraqui Music”

Safwat Mohammad Ali, Ahmed Nima Kamel “Iraqui Music”

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Safwat Mohammad Ali, Ahmed Nima Kamel
Seven Seas (Japan) 1982
K20C-5104 (LP) insert
sleeve : EX-(SPSE:1cm tear at the bottom of the back, rubbed corners, some light stains on the back)
media : EX/EX(a slight dust noise)

This album of Iraqi music was released in 1982 as part of the Silk Road Music Journey series, edited by the great ethnomusicologist Fumio Koizumi and Japanese traditional music researcher Harumi Koshiba. side A features an improvised taqsim based on a technique called sega maqam. side B features a vocal piece called pasta. Side B is a vocal piece called "Pasta." This is a valuable source for experiencing the essence of microtonal intervals, a characteristic of Arabic music.

A1: セガ施法のタクシーム
B2: 酒で心を浄めなさい

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