Samul-Nori “Drums and Voices of Korea”

Samul-Nori “Drums and Voices of Korea”

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Drums and Voices of Korea
Nonesuch Explorer Series (US) 1984
72093-1 (LP)
sleeve : EX-(Some light soiling, label lightly stained)
media : EX+/EX-(Some parts may have a slight dust noise,B:A few light, small scuffs)

This is an album by Samul-Nori, an ethnic music group from neighboring Korea, released in 1984 on the Explorer Series, the world music division of the venerable American label Nonesuch. This is very good. An hourglass-shaped double-sided drum called chango played with a cane, a low-pitched drum called buku played with a cane, gongs of various sizes, and a unique undulating chant all come together to create an energetic performance that is both primitive and minimalist in the sense of modern music. I was blown away by the performance. Eitetsu Hayashi is the one who pursues this kind of music in Japan. Anyway, the sound is very tribal. I want to go to Korea and listen to them live.

A1: Binari
A2: Woodo-kut

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