Sandii + The Sunsetz “Babes In The Woods”

Sandii + The Sunsetz “Babes In The Woods”

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Sandii + The Sunsetz
Babes In The Woods
Eastworld (Japan) 1985
T12-1086 (12”) w/insert.
sleeve : NM
media : NM/NM

12" single released in 1985 by Sandii & The Sunsetz, a group started by Makoto Kubota and the Sunset Band with female vocalist Sandii. A1 and B2 were included in Eastworld's "On The Rock Sampler" compilation album released the following year, but none of them have been included in the original album. B1 is included in this 12inch only. A1 is a danceable new wave that combines electro sounds with British-like rock. B1 is an experimental track with a lot of sampling. B2 is a bright dance tune that blends Makoto Kubota's tropical sensibilities with electro.

A1: Babes In The Wood
B2: Rachael

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