Satsu Suzuki “Tohno Monogatari (1)”

Satsu Suzuki “Tohno Monogatari (1)”

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Satsu Suzuki (Storyteller)
Tono Monogatari (1)
Toshiba Records (Japan) 197x
TW-50004 (LP) w/obi, 2 x insert.
sleeve : EX(light collapse on corner.)
media : EX-/EX(slightly wear that does not affect to sounds.)

This is an album of folk tales released from Toshiba Records' "Home of Folktales" series. This album focuses on folk tales from Tono City, Iwate Prefecture, which became widely known through Kunio Yanagida's collection of anecdotes "Tono Monogatari" (Tono Tales), and includes seven tales told by Satsu Suzuki, who is the inheritor of Tono City's folk tales. The full text and dialectal meanings of the stories are included in the inserts so that the reader can understand what kind of stories they are. It is also excellent to listen to the stories while feeling the lessons of local climate and life incorporated in the stories, and the work has a very high historical material value. Specific sounds such as station announcements and train sounds are also included. Please enjoy it for various purposes.

A1: おしらさま
A2: こぞうのうた

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