Schawkie Roth “You are the Ocean”

Schawkie Roth “You are the Ocean”

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Schawkie Roth
You are the Ocean
Omagatoki (Japan) 1986
SC-2006(L) (LP) w/obi, insert(color-faded, some wrinkles.)
sleeve : EX-(SRW, slightly wear on corner.)
media : EX-/EX-(some light surface noises.)

This album was released in 1986 by Schawkie Roth, an American flutist who is a student of Zen Buddhism and a practitioner of spiritual healing and music therapy. This release is from the Omagatoki label's "SeriusCollection" series, which follows Morgan Fisher's "Look at Life" and Deuter's "San". It includes five tracks of meditative acoustic new age, with harp improvisations by Derorah Henson-Conant and cello improvisations by Rick Kozlenko, and floating brass and bamboo flutes that lead you into a supernatural meditation. It's the supernatural hymnal style backed up by Eastern thought.

B1: Spanish Rivers
B2: Ocean Sunrise in the Far East

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